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Gwee cleaning products use magnets to adhere to my device. Are these magnets safe?
The vast majority of today's electronics do not have parts that are magnetically sensitive. In fact many of the most popular phones, tablets, and cases already have imbedded magnets. Some modern devices use magnets as screen saver or to secure a protective case. Should you have questions about magnets and your particular device, please contact the manufacturer of your device.

What is the best placement for the button on my phone?
The button attaches to the back of your device with the use of adhesives. Make sure that you do not place over speakers or cameras. Also, because the button can act as a device kick stand for phones, be sure to place it in a convenient area to use this function.

The cleaning material on my Racer is worn out. Can I replace it?
The portion of the Racer used for cleaning is magnetically attached and can be easily removed and replaced. Simply order replacement cleaning strips, without having to replace your Racer.

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